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The Story Behind the Brand...


I'm from a small town...lil' ole Marianna, AR. Population appx. 4,000. Not much to do or see. Rural. Country. And while many people couldn't wait to leave, I always had a strong affinity for Lee County and the Delta. So one day I decided to express my love in a creative way and asked myself, "what's something iconic that we all can relate too?...the bridge? the water tower? Hmm?" Now living in Memphis, TN, everywhere you look, you see 901 (area code)..."Ok. Maybe do an 870 design?...No...let's be even more distinct...brand the zip code!" *details*

7. #Distinguish. You ever thought about what the slash in the #7 was for? It’s to #distinguish it from the #1. Let’s be real, everybody can’t be #1, but you CAN be distinguished. You CAN stand out! Marianna may not be #1 in many categories, but anytime the name is mentioned, you definitely know it’s for something! So introduce some “slash” in your life and stand out! 

2. #Peace. Back in the 70’s when the piece sign first became popular, it was because of the 60’s. If you know anything about the 60’s and the Civil Rights era, you know that even back then certain people had “no chill.” Fast forward to today...Same stuff. Different day. Let’s re-introduce some peace into our lives. This goes out to all the petty folks who stunt the progress of the culture. We live in a global society now! Me and you make two - peace.

3. #Competition. The 72360 brand was premiered in the fall of 2018 during homecoming season. The font style of the “3” puts you in mind of the traditional number on an athlete’s jersey. The Marianna Trojans were on my mind! Remember your roots by rooting for the home team, regardless of the previous year’s record. Winning begins with the mental and the morale of the fan base. Keep that competitive drive!

6. #Refine. The font on this one is smooth and refined. As rough around the edges as Marianna may seem, we have some pretty refined individuals who “put on for the city!” And while I consider myself one of those individuals, I NEVER forget my roots or my people! This campaign was much more about hometown love than it was making a couple dollars. Keep in mind, we’re all a work in progress. Be intentional on honing your craft, whatever it may be. Trial and error, work out the kinks, and hit your stride!

0. #Time. The most valuable asset in life. This font puts you in the mindset of a scoreboard/clock. At the end of the day, what are your goals? How many points did you put up? How much did you contribute to the success (or failure) of your team? Your grades? Your company? Your Family? Your goals? What are you passionate about and how have you executed? You see where I’m going with this, so hey!! You know what time it is!!


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